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    We are one of the leading auto repair shops serving customers in Waterbury, CT, Watertown, CT, Wolcott, CT, and surrounding areas.
    All automotive repair and mechanic services at Classic Auto are performed by experienced and highly qualified ASE Certified Mechanics. Our mechanic shop works on numerous vehicles with the use of quality truck and car repair equipment.
    Whether you drive a passenger car, medium sized truck, mini-van, or SUV, our mechanics strive to ensure that your vehicle will be performing at its best before leaving one of our service bays. Our auto repair shop is capable of servicing a variety of makes and models.
    Our superior standards show that our mechanics always have the best interests of our customers in mind. Looking for a one-stop automotive repair shop? Look no further than us, and allow our mechanics to give you a reliable estimate of any automotive repair issue you might be facing.
    Our number one goal for over 50 years has always been complete satisfaction for customers in Waterbury, CT, Watertown, CT, Wolcott, CT, and surrounding areas. Our car repair shop has a longstanding reputation for quality repairs. Because of this, we have developed loyal customers and families over the years which continues today.
    Whether you need routine auto maintenance services or necessary car repairs, contact us online or call us during business hours.

You Name It... We Do It!!

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Standard  Maintenance Service

  It’s a fact: regular, quality maintenance extends the life of your vehicle. It also gives you the peace of mind you need. Whether you’re looking for the basics like factory scheduled maintenance or 30k/60k/90k/120k mile services, or something more specific like computer diagnostics or safety and emissions inspections, we’ve got you covered right down to Hand Washing and Auto Detailing.
    Brake repair, shocks, struts, suspension and steering are all part of our standard maintenance auto service.
    When it comes to maintenance and auto service in the Greater Waterbury, we want to be your number one choice.

✔ Factory Scheduled Maintenance
✔ 30k/60k/90k/120k Mile Services
✔ Computer Diagnostics
Oil, Lube & Filter Changes
✔ Tune Ups
✔ Check Engine Light Diagnostics & Repair
✔ Brake Repair & Antilock Braking System (ABS) Repair
Battery Replacement
✔ Safety & Emissions Inspections
✔ Windshield Wiper Blades
✔ Fluid Services
✔ Trip Inspections
✔ Maintenance Inspections
✔ Shocks & Struts Repair
✔ Chassis, Suspension & Steering Repair
 Axle, CV Joint, Driveshaft Repair
Four Wheel Drive Inspection & Repair
Ball Joint Replacement
Tie Rod Replacement

✔ Tire Replacement & Flat Repair
Complete Auto Detailing Services
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Engine Service

When that check engine light comes on, it’s hard not to feel annoyed or even worried. We know how you feel, and we are here to help!
    At Classic Auto we offer a thorough engine performance check, as well as engine repair and engine replacement services.
    We do our best to save you money and time with Classic Auto automotive repair services like drivability diagnostics and fuel injection repair and service.
    Our skilled and experienced ASE Certified Technicians are truly dedicated to providing fast honest work along with the best customer service possible. They want your car to be running like new and our engine auto services will make it happen.

✔ Engine Repair
✔ Engine Replacement
✔ Engine Performance Check
Belt Replacement Including Timing Belt
✔ Hose Replacement
✔ Cooling System Flush & Fill
✔ Cooling System Pressure Test
✔ Cooling System Repair
✔ Radiator Repair & Replacement
✔ Water Pump Repair & Replacement
✔ Drivability Diagnostics & Repair
✔ Fuel Injection Repair & Service
✔ Fuel System Repair & Maintenance
 Ignition System Repair & Maintenance
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Heating & AC Service

    For the best cooling and heating auto repair service in Greater Waterbury area, trust Classic Auto
    We offer a full range of heating and cooling system diagnostics, as well as heating system and air conditioning repair and service.
    Our highly qualified, ASE Certified Technicians are also masters of belt, compressor, and evaporator repair and replacement.

✔ Heating & Cooling System Diagnostics
✔ Air Conditioning Repair & Service
✔ Heating System Repair & Service
✔ Belt Repair & Replacement
✔ Compressor Repair & Replacement
✔ Evaporator Repair & Replacement
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 Electrical  Service

Classic Auto provides the best electrical auto service in the Greater Waterbury area, hands down.
    Whether you’ve lost the “power” in your power steering or your vehicle is ready for power lock repair, we want to be your top choice.
    From alternators to windows and everything in between, trust Classic Auto to provide your automotive repair services.

✔ Electrical System Diagnostics & Repair
✔ Alternator Repair & Replacement 
✔ Starter Repair & Replacement
Headlight & Bulb Replacements
✔ Windshield Wiper Repair
Battery Replacement
✔ Power Lock Repair
✔ Power Antenna Repair
✔ Power Steering Repair
✔ Power Window Repair
✔ Power Accessory Repair
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 Exhaust System Service

    If you’re concerned about passing emissions or you already know your exhaust system isn’t what it should be, visit Classic Auto.
    We offer exhaust repair and replacement, muffler repair and replacement, and tailpipe repair and replacement.

✔ Exhaust Repair & Replacement
✔ Muffler Repair & Replacement
✔ Tailpipe Repair & Replacement
✔ Catalytic Converter Replacement
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Vehicle Hand Washing & Detailing

Bring your vehicle in, big or small to bring back the shine and luster of your vehicle to "showroom" quality!!

Your vehicle deserves the proper attention a hand washing and detailing will give it!!

Complete Hand Washing of Exterior
Exterior Detailing
Interior Detailing
A La Carte Detailing Available
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Alignment Services

    A vehicle alignment service helps your tires last longer, can improve gas mileage, and will improve vehicle handling to give you and your passengers a smoother ride.
  At  Classic Auto, one of our specialized services are wheel alignments. As part of our mission to provide you with the best value for your money, we use a Hunter Alignment System. The Hunter Engineering Company is well known in the automotive industry for manufacturing quality equipment that saves time while providing unparalleled accuracy. In a service where precision is everything, you deserve nothing less.
    We guarantee the best wheel alignment services for our customers in Waterbury, Ct, and surrounding Towns.
    We provide both two-wheel (Front Wheel) and four-wheel alignments depending on the type of vehicle you drive.

Alignment Service utilizing Hunter Alignment System
Struts, Shocks & Suspension Repair & Service
Front End Wheel Alignment
Two and Four Wheel Alignments
Computerized Wheel Balancing
Tire Purchase & Installation
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Transmission removal

Transmission Service

    At Classic auto, we offer excellent transmission service provided by our highly qualified ASE-Certified Technicians.
    Having your transmission serviced could help extend the life of your vehicle and save you money in the long run.

Repair & Overhaul
Maintenance and Service
Automatic & Manual Transmission Repair
Clutch Adjustment, Inspection & Replacement
Differential Service & Repair
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